Insulated tumbler---30oz


Light Blue
Tiffany Blue

What's in the Box:

1 x 30oz Bottlebottle Tumbler

1 x Sipping Lid

2 x Removable Decals


Bottlebottle is devoted to providing outdoor drinkware to help people taste the sweet of nature. A wide range of outdoor sports necessities are available from us, including stainless steel tumbler, water bottle, accessories, cooler and more.
All members at bottlebottle company loves to go outside and travel. We often take bottlebottle beverageware with us to go hunting, fishing, surfing, camping and skiing together. The initiator and the first batch of staff even finished a cool challenge, trip to North Cape on foot, the northernmost of Europe. It's bottlebottle that helped us keep forward, so we know the importance of quality of outdoor gear and drinkware better than anyone else, and we are also the first who try the products. We ensure the product that will be delivered to you is user-friendly.
Products designed by our talented and outstanding designers are innovative, simple and cool. We often share our interesting outdoor experience with designers. Bottlebottle is actually a mix of creative ideas, fashion trends and fun elements. Drink wisely, back to nature.


Why Choose Bottlebottle Insulated Tumbler?

Cold up to 24 Hours, Hot up to 8 Hours
Bottlebottle tumbler is made of double wall stainless steel. The inner wall and shell are combined together by welding technique, then vacuumizing the air in the interlayer of the inner wall and the outer shell to achieve the effect of vacuum insulation. Your beverage will keeps hot and cold as long as science allows.
Sweat And Condensation Free
Vacuum insulation technology decreases the transfer of temperature between the double wall. No matter how cold or hot your beverage is, exterior of tumbler will stay dry and mild to hold. No water pool will be left on desk, car holder and bag.
Colorful Powder Coating
The exterior is finished with gloss/matt colored powder. It is BPA free, durable and sleek. Different color can express one's feeling and state one's opinion, a more direct way to show your unique character. In an era of tumbler prevailing, put on colorful coat for your tumbler to live your own outdoor lifestyle.
Fit in Cup Holders
Being on the go staying hydrated can get expensive! The bottom base of bottlebottle tumble is designed to fit cup holders. It increases the ease of carrying it around whether you are heading to office to in your car or on long road trips and journeys. It can always keep you hydrated and ready for next adventure.
Food Grade Stainless Steel 
Made of imported 304 stainless steel. It's durable, tough, corrosion resistant and reusable with super thick structure. Whether you are drinking coffee, beer or milkshake, bottlebottle tumbler will not retain the taste or smell of any liquid. It improves comfort of drinking, a healthier alternative to single-use cups.
Your Outdoor Necessity
With bottltbottle travel mug, outer temperature can't stop us from going outside to enjoy the nature. Fishing, camping, hunting, biking, hiking, diving, skating, pinics...No matter what sports you're crazy about, bottlebottle tumbler will always refresh your throat to help you taste the sweet of nature.
Daily Mug
Warm coffee are always close at hand in cold winter;
Share healthy homemade fruit yogurt smoothie with your friends;
Take it to gym to keep yourself hydrated all the time.
Perfect Gift Ideas
It's very thoughtful to send bottlebottle tumbler as a gift to people around you. It's not just a mug that can keep liquid warm. Once it becomes others' daily mug, it's also a symbol of a deep relationship, a kind of special companion.




Hand wash only.

Do not freeze or microwave.

Other accessories in the picture are not included.

Use boiling or cold water to preheat or freeze for 10 minutes before use, for better temperature retention.

Be aware of the tumbler size, and make sure it meets your need.



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