Water Bottle Carrier Holder for 17 oz Swell, Mira, Manna and Simple Modern Stainless Steel Water Bottle,PU Fabric Sleeve,Protective,Reusable,Waterproof,Adjustable Strap


  • √ QUALITY MATERIALS -100% PU fabric,with metal buckle, can be freely adjusted, the strap can also be adjusted freely
  • √ Zipper Carrier Holder Fits Swell, Mira, Manna and Simple Modern 17oz water bottle
  • √ Easy to clean - Just a warm, soapy bath and rinse or wipe directly with a wet towel
  • √ Easy To Carry -The comfortable sling offer various carrying ways to meet your preference. You can cross chest as a sling bag, as a backpack or just hand carring. It makes your hands free while having easy access to hydration. It can be for all day carrying comfort ,durability and protective.
  • √ WORRY FREE- Staying hydrated is pretty easy while hiking, running and riding without taking out your bottle from the pouch, a real hands-free accessory. LIFETIME WARRANTY - Full money-back if you're not 100% satisfied with bottlebottle, no purchase risk.



bottlebottle is devoted to providing outdoor drink ware to help people taste the sweet of nature.

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What Makes bottlebottle Different?


Trusted material


  • Material: 100% safe, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic PU fabric
  • Zippers are designed to open easily

bottlebottle Fits Guide


  • Height :8.8 inches
  • Tower Diameter:2.7 inches
  • Zipper Carrier Holder Fits Swell, Mira, Manna and Simple Modern 17oz water bottle



  • Fully Adjustable Long Shoulder Strap
  • Easy To Clean
  • Easy To Carry
  • Suitable for all outdoor activities such as outings and indoor activities
  • 100% Money-back

Say goodbye to inconvenient carrying

Swell water bottle Holder is definitely an investment for your water bottle Who wants cups lost from accidental impact? Our water bottle Holder solves the concern perfectly.

For Kids

wear over the shoulder. It fits people of various height, from short to tall. No longer have to worry about the inconvenience of bringing mugs.

For City People

The Tumbler Holder is bright and easy to carry. A fashionable, resuable coffee holder for your city life

For The Outdoor Enthusiast

Are you a Outdoor Enthusiast? If you are,you know how important it is to keep moisture. With a Tumbler Holder , you can easily take water at any time while keeping your hands free .




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